What is Love
whats up B2uties! My names Emily, I'm 16 and a proud b2uty! I luv these boys so much :') <3 Obviously my bias is Yoseobie :D but i love them all so much <3 I also happen to be an ELF, Exotic, Inspirit, Blackjack, VIP, SHAWOL, and Angel <3
so yea...thats it rlly......

enjoy my tumblr ^.^ <3
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Damnit Yang Yoseob, no one gave you permission to be all sexy and start lib rubbing, TT_TT
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PATi PATi PRIME びすと | @ys_aya
and I am just done with life cause of how perfect this man is &lt;3
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O_o Those muscles are gonna be my cause of death I swear